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Questions and Answers
Regarding UV-C LEDs

Is UV-C light effective against coronavirus?​

UV-C light is effective against all pathogens. However, the level UV exposure required for effective treatment will vary from pathogen to pathogen. Some are very easy to treat with a minimal UV Dose, others are more resilient and need extensive levels of UV exposure. While there is data available on some coronavirus strains, information is currently limited on the effectiveness of UV light on the SARS-CoV-2019 strain behind the COVID-19 pandemic.


Learn more about disinfecting COVID-19 with UV from The International Ultraviolet Association.

Can you disinfect air with UV-C LEDs?​

Currently, AquiSense Technologies offers custom designs for air treatment. There are many variables to consider with air disinfection which makes it difficult to offer a single, off-the-shelf product. Any solutions developed by AquiSense would be customized to the application. Below is a list of parameters to consider when designing an air treatment system.

  • General description of application

  • Flow rate of air

  • Required level of disinfection (UV Dose, log reduction, pathogen type)

  • Geometry of the air ducts/channels

  • Any other relevant information


Can you disinfect surfaces with UV-C LEDs?

AquiSense Technologies considers surface treatment systems to be custom-built units which must consider environmental factors such as surface textures, particulates, targeted geometry, and treatment goals, among other technical aspects. At this point in time we feel that without considering these factors it is not possible to maintain treatment quality with a single system used in varying applications and environments.

Learn about the PearlSurface 24G9 - Applications include N95 masks and other PPE.


What is AquiSense's role in UV-C LED disinfection? 

AquiSense Technologies is a leading UV-C LED system manufacturer creating products in the research space as well as in disinfection of air, surface and water treatment products. At this time we do operate as a business to business company, supplying UV-C LED components to OEMs and distributors within the manufacturing space. If you are looking for a custom, engineered solution we would be happy to have a call and discuss your system specifications and goals.


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