Water, Air and Surface Disinfection Through UV-C LEDs

Harmful contaminants affect our individual lives in many ways, and millions suffer as a direct result. 

AquiSense Technologies provides a key technology to be part of the solution.


Whether in remote communities, in healthcare facilities, industrial processes, or even in aircraft, the solution lies in highly portable, robust, and versatile technology. Disinfection through chlorine and conventional UV lamps utilise potentially harmful materials. All of our products use UV-C LEDs or deep spectrum Ultraviolet LEDs to disinfect water, air, and surfaces. We use LEDs to prevent added hazards hazards to our customer's environment. 

We deliver real-world solutions to real-world problems!

Technology Application Map

This chart illustrates the general range of wavelength and power that LED devices are applied into integrated products for specific applications. 

Wavelength and power of LED devices

Integration of LEDs for Maximum System Efficiency

AquiSense Technologies have developed unique solutions to real world problems in water, air and surface disinfection. All products use highly efficient UV-C LEDs that are ideal for purification. To achieve maximum system efficiency, we take a holistic design approach to the integration of UV-C LEDs into UV systems.

Integration of LEDs for Maximum System Efficiency

Our Products

Our holistic design approach provides simple plug-and-play usability, low maintenance and unique benefits beyond current state of the art UV-C LEDs alone. Combining the most efficient LEDs available with our extremely efficient reactor design provides systems that lead the UV disinfection industry.