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UV-C LEDs are enabling the creation of entirely new disinfection 
applications due to a number of unique benefits.

Learn more about these benefits below:

flexible installation

Flexible Installation

Enables disinfection in a variety of ways depending on application.

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Enables a lower risk
disinfection alternative. 

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Drinking from bubbler

Compact Footprint

Enables disinfection directly at 
point of consumption™.

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Instant On/Off

Enables intermittent on-demand disinfection™ which enhances power savings and prolongs lamp life.

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Water purification

Unlimited Cycling

Enables intermittent on-demand disinfection™ applications and energy savings while preserving lamp life. 
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Temperature Independent

Enables more temperature control over process water and constant UV output regardless of temperature.

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Wavelength Selection

Enables the ability to select narrow-band output wavelength to match peak absorption spectra of a target organism. 

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